Standard Next Business Day Delivery Service

Change is Easy… with Standard Next Business Day Delivery Service!

Suppose the product you lease becomes damaged. Or you are redecorating and want matching colors.  Or you want some additional features, such as Caller ID, the freedom of a Cordless, or the convenience of an Answering System.  Or you just want to make a change.

  •   Whatever the reason, it’s no problem!
  •   Whatever your request, we can help!

It’s all just a phone call away! Leased products will be: Delivered to you – The Next Business Day at No Additional Charge!

Simply place an order with us by 5 pm ET (Monday through Friday) at 1 (800) 555-8111 and a replacement product or additional product will be in your hands the very next business day*– at no additional cost!  If you want to exchange a product, we will also include a postage paid label for returning the existing product.

Simple, Fast, Reliable and No Additional Charge!

Standard Next Business Day Delivery Service is one of the valuable services leasing provides.  So take a look at the quality lease products.  Just give us a call and your order will be on its way!

*Some products (party line, hardwired, one-button telephones, antique style, character or novelty telephones and ancillary products) may require special arrangements for replacement, repair, or relocation.  Arrangements can be made by calling our Lease Customer Helpline.