Lease Service Benefits

QLT Consumer Lease Services – For Your Convenience

As a Lease Customer you are covered by ALL the following benefits:

Unconditional Replacement Policy.
Obtain convenient same or similar model replacement of the leased product for any reason.

Flexible Lease Options.
Trade-in or exchange the leased product for a different color or for a telephone with more or fewer features.  + Plus, if you move, take the leased product with you anywhere in the 50 states of the United States.*

Standard Next Business Day Delivery Service.
Receive the leased product at your home or office the next business day at no additional charge.  Simply place an order with us by 5 pm ET (Monday through Friday) and the product will be delivered to you the next business day.*

Superior Quality Products.
Designed, built and reconditioned to our high quality standards.  Our product line includes classic phones featuring nostalgic styles and real bell sounds, as well as the latest equipment, such as Cordless Telephones, Speakerphones, Caller ID and so much more.

Replacement Accessory Advantage.
Accessories for leased products are available at no additional charge.  Accessories include modular conversion kits, long cords, cordless antennas and batteries, and answering machine tapes.

Convenient Customer Service.
For answers to all your questions about our Lease Services and Products call toll-free at 1 (800) 555-8111 or click here.

PLUS, you have the added advantage of the discounts associated with the Lease Rewards® Program. Refer to program details for more information.

The terms and conditions for product leasing are set forth in full in the Lease Service Contract.

+ A model change may result in a rate change.

*Some products (party line, hardwired, one-button telephones, antique style, character or novelty telephones and ancillary products) may require special arrangements for replacement, repair or relocation.  Arrangements can be made by calling our Lease Customer Helpline.