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Corded Phones

Corded Classics
Our classic telephones combine familiar design and sturdy construction.   They’re easy to use and easy to hear, as they feature real bell ringers and are compatible with hearing aids.  These reliable phones don’t need an electrical outlet, so they still work even if the power goes out.  Plus, all of our classic wall telephones come with a 12 foot handset cord.

Corded Signature Series™
Built exclusively for QLT Consumer Lease Services, our Signature Series™ telephones combine classic styling with an updated look and added features for your convenience.   Select from a variety of colors to match the décor in your home. And all of our Signature Series™ telephones come with a 12 foot handset cord.

Corded Feature Phones
If you are looking for a corded telephone with more functionality than the Classics, one of our Feature Phones may be just what you are looking for.

Cordless Phones

Cordless Phones
Enjoy the freedom of a cordless telephone.   Carry the phone with you inside or outside your home.   Cordless phones are ideal for people who don’t want to get up every time the phone rings.   With many convenient features form which to choose, you’re certain to find a model that meets your needs.

Telephone Add-Ons

These products work with your existing telephone to provide additional features for your convenience.

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